MySQL root password for GitLab Droplet (GitLab CI)

December 8, 2013 7.2k views
Hey, I've just installed a Droplet with the GitLab image on it. Now I want to add GitLab CI. As I can see there is already a folder called /home/gitlab_ci but I'm not sure if it already installed because I could not find any information about it, And if not I have to access my installed database for adding gitlab ci user but I'm also not able to find my root password for MySQL. So can someone help me? :)
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by Justin Ellingwood
Git is the most popular distributed version control system in the world. GitLab is a git repository management system that can be used to mange repositories, users, access, and issues from within an easy-to-use web interface. In this article, we will cover how to use DigitalOcean's one-click GitLab installation image.
yeah but I can't see an answer to any of my questions
If you check check the gitlab.yml file in /home/gitlab. I believe the root password will be listed in there.
Have you tried:
sudo service --status-all

to see if it's currently running?

If not, is it listed in /etc/init.d/?
@Pablo in both places only gitlab is listed so I think gitlab ci is NOT installed even if there is the matching home folder for it

@joshfng there is just access data for user github and not the root account
GitLab CI must be setup on a separate server than GitLab CE. Then GitLab CI uses Runners to a 3rd Server
Btw, to answer the question in the title. The root password for gitlab mysql droplet is the same as the one for the gitlab user.

Both are: gitlab_digital_ocean
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