MYSQL root password for WordPress One click install!

June 9, 2015 10.5k views
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What is the MYSQL root password for WordPress One click install? HELP. I want to install phpmyadmin

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Don't do that. That's a very bad idea.

I'd advise that you install MySQL Workbench on your desktop/laptop, and remote connect to your MySQL server from there. If you want to go that route, reply to my message, and I'll walk you through setting it up.

As for the password, what happens when you run this as root from your server:


If you get a mysql> prompt, the password is most likely in /root/.my.cnf

If not, let me know that too, as I've not done a one-click install yet.

Root + Wordpress MySQL passwords can be found by running cat ~/.digitalocean_password, it'll look something like:


Thanks Jons, I was having the same issue.

Looks like root password is automatically generated and logged in the folder you specified, used "cat" to find the password and logged in as root.

Extra fun for MySQL newbs trying to access their database on a one-click install. Next time I'm setting up from scratch!

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