MySQL stops unexpectedly on Ubuntu with LAMP stack

Posted December 6, 2013 5.1k views
We are running the standard "LAMP on Ubuntu 12.04" image on several droplets. On most droplets this works really well, but on two instances MySQL keeps stopping unexpectedly. There is very little work load on the servers where this happens. Any good tips on where I can start to look for the root of this problem?

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"... two instances MySQL keeps stopping unexpectedly."

If they happen to be 512 MB droplets, this is actually expected behavior (b/c Apache + MySQL together eat up a lot of resources). The remedy is to add swap and memcache; and possibly replacing Apache w/Nginx.
by Etel Sverdlov
Memcache is a system that works to speed up virtual private servers by caching server information. The program allows you to allocate a specific amount of the server ram toward caching recently queried data for a certain amount of time. This tutorial covers Memcache installation and illustrates how to use memcache with a simple php script.