Name Servers (Third Party) Limitations?

June 23, 2019 216 views
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This question says that you can use a third party Name Server by simply creating an A record. I want to use my Domain Name Registrar because it provides DNSSEC.

Will I lose any functionality by doing this?

Also, would you not need DNSSEC if you only connected to the server via its IP address?

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jtittle MOD June 23, 2019
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If you’re using our Load Balancers w/ SSL or Custom Domains w/ Spaces, you would need to use our DNS to manage your domain as the SSL Certificates are generated and managed on our end.

If you’re using Droplets, you can manage your domain from your registrar without any issues. An A entry is all you need to point your domain to your Droplet IPv4 IP, though you may also want to add a CNAME for www so you can use both and

For DNSSEC, it depends.

1). If you’re accessing content and connecting to the Droplet through the Droplet IP, and will not be physically using your domain, DNSSEC doesn’t offer any benefit. The DNS entries for DNSSEC aren’t specific to the IP–they are tied to the domain.

2). If you’re connecting to your Droplet using the IP, but accessing content using your domain, then DNSSEC will work as expected.

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