NameCheap & DigitalOcean Synchronize Problem

October 8, 2014 4.6k views

I’m totally new at server things.

I have an ip address from digitalocean. x.x.x.x
I have a domain from namecheap.

I tried this:
In Namecheap -> Manage Domains -> Modify Domain tab.
Host name -> @ -> x.x.x.x -> Record Type (A)
Host name -> www -> -> Record Type (URL FRAME)

I got 400 Bad Request message.

And in DigitalOcean -> DNS tab i deleted all NSX.DIGITALOCEAN.COM. things.

How can i synchronize these?

1 Answer

Probably I solved it.

in Domain Name Server Setup -> First 3 line added NSX.DIGITALOCEAN.COM
in DigitalOcean -> Dns Tab Added NSX.DIGITALOCEAN.COM

It’s working, now.

What can i do sometimes

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