Nameserver and ipv4 ipv6

February 24, 2019 971 views

Hello, how are you? The nameservers are always going to be “”, “”, etc. right?
And where are the different ip of my server?. Since I have only one ipv4 and one ipv6.

Thank you!

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Hey friend,

Great question! Our nameservers will always be those, yes. To see your droplet IPs, click on the droplet at, then click on Networking on the left side of the right section (white background area, as opposed to the blue navigation area to it’s left).


  • Hey @jarland. Thks for the answer. The ipv4 and ipv6 that are automatically placed in those nameserver I do not have to change it? Where I place so that my domains go to the ip of my server. Use whm and cpanel.

    Thank You.

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