Need a control panel on CentOS 7

August 12, 2015 9.4k views
Control Panels

Which control panel uses Centos 7 and how can I install it?

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There is only a couple I know that have support for CentOs 7

  • Plesk
  • Cpanel

I’m not sure if CentOs Web Panel (CWP) supports it yet, I know Vesta doesn’t but I wouldn’t be surprised if that changes soon.

Well, that rules out cPanel. If you can wait a few months then cPanel will most likely support CentOS 7. However cPanel isn’t free and if you’re just using it for one website just use Apache, set up the sites and you’ll have the problem sorted. Of course that doesn’t come with a UI so get use to typing in lots of commands.

There’s lots of control panels out there, cPanel being the best. If you really need to use that now go for CentOS 6, it still runs nice.

Thanks 4 your reply. I just installed Ajenti, but it’s absolutely rubbish. Still have a headache with terminal.

CentOs Web Panel (CWP) is not support centos 7 platform… and ajenti is so slow i remove it with in a 10 minute… please help for other control panel which support centos 7

I personally use I found all the others either lacking or buggy. Although Centos Web Panel now “supports” CentOS 7 I found it not as easy to use to us as Vesta CP. I tried Ajenti, which works great on Centos 6, but I found it failed more times than not on CentOS 7.

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