Need help deciding which platforms are right for my project.

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So I want to make web app that uses different apis. I want users to register on website and then use the app.

My questions:

Which framework/ programming language to use?

I think Ruby and Ruby on Rails is way to go, but since I don’t know anything about other options I am asking you here.

Which database to use to store users and configurations users made?

I think MongoDB is a good choice, then again I don’t know if Mongo is made for that type of databse.

Is there anything else I need to make this app?

Description of app:
It is a tracking app that pulls information from apis. Nothing too fancy :D. Users will need to login to those services (i.e. Facebook) so they can get information about their accounts. That’s basically it.

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Hey, whats up?


First of all: no exists the perfect solution to solve your problem.
Maybe if you choose ruby, in a few months you’ll need to change the system architecture to another more scalable language. Or not.

That’s a philosophical discussion, do you agree?
Ruby and rails can be a great choice, why?

  • You’ll be a fast developer.
  • Is scalable (with limitations).
  • Have a lot of people working with RoR and a huge support community.

This is a basic text, but can help you to clarify your mind;–net-8035

  • Yeah I know there isn’t perfect solution. That’s life :D. Thank you for the answer and for the link.

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