Need help fixing dns lookup...

September 9, 2016 1.3k views
DigitalOcean DNS Ubuntu

I have an Ubuntu 14.04 droplet.

A couple of days ago I started noticing a long delay between entering a username and being prompted for password when ssh'ing in. I suspected it was related to dns lookup.

I can ping, but ping results in "ping: unknown host"
whois, ssh & msmtp give similar results "host unknown"

I assume I've messed up the dns nameservers somehow. But don't know how to fix.
Appreciate any help.

2 Answers

Ok... the problem seems to have fixed itself... very disconcerting... DO you doing something?

If you want to check to see what nameservers your server is using, check out the /etc/resolv.conf file. You'll find them in the format of:


Feel free to change them if they aren't working for you.

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