Need help installing https for subdomains

October 30, 2017 1.8k views
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Hi, I'm having a problem setting up https on the website. I followed Digital Ocean's instructions at and everything Works well as a guide. However, then I encountered a bug where my Portolio images were located at the subdomain And it was not displayed because I did not install https for the subdomain. (example not working, is good).
Now I think my job is to set up https for the website, however I have a question. Is Let Encrypt support subdomains ? and how will the installation statement be?
I hope to get help from the community Digital Ocean.

2 Answers

yes the wildcard certificate will be good for all the subdomains under main, but until then you can install the LE certificate for the subdomain with the same command you have used for the main domain name, just put in the subdomain as host.

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