Need help redirecting http://mysite to

October 5, 2018 479 views

Hi, I’m hoping someone here can help. I currently have a digital ocean droplet running Ubuntu LAMP on 18.04 .

My site works fine when accessed at However, typing it into a browser ( gets a generic error in the browser (‘this site can’t be reached.’s server ip address couldn’t be found’).

Here are the things I’ve tried:

Accessed the 000-default.conf file at /etc/apache2/sites-anabled and added the following:


ServerAdmin webmaster@localhost
ServerAlias *
DocumentRoot /var/www/html

This seems to work OK on Firefox and Safari, but on Chrome I'm still getting the error. I tried clearing my cache on Chrome but it doesn't seem to help. 
2 Answers

The error you’re getting is indicative of a missing DNS record for So make sure you have an A record for pointing to your droplet’s IP.

  • Hi, thanks for the quick response!

    I currently have the following under DNS record set up within Digital Ocean

    Type: A
    Value: IP Address of my domain
    TTL: 3600

    Do I need to do something in addition to this?

Yes you need this:

Type: A
Hostname: @
Value: IP Address of my domain
TTL: 3600

Yes that’s an @ sign in Hostname

  • I’ve tried to do that, however, digital ocean seems to turn the @ to again.

    Do you have any additional suggestions? I really appreciate your help thusfar btw!

  • Hi there,

    I finally managed to set this up. The issue was that I was adding this within DigitalOcean, and I had to actually do it within Gandi (where I’d bought my domain from).

    Now works, but doesn’t. Do I need to set up an additional DNS record in this case?

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