Need help setting up a remove development environment

February 5, 2018 1.3k views
Development DigitalOcean MEAN Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04

I'm a front-end developer and I'm constantly switching workstations where I work (the company is going through changes), and installing everything again every time is a pain. I just want to install one thing only on my workstation (if possible), and that is my text editor of choice: VSCode. We use VSTS as our repository, and I want to set up a droplet and have everything that I'm currently working on there, and just edit everything remotely using VSCode. No files on my machine. Edit with VSCode, save and is automatically on the server. I also need Gulp and SASS watching the files. Then when I complete my tasks, I push the changes to our repo.

How complicated would that be? Any guides out there? Didn't find anything...

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