Need Remote Database setup tutorial for ubuntu 16.04

May 20, 2016 655 views
LEMP Nginx MySQL Server Optimization PHP Ubuntu 16.04

thanks to the community for bringing all major tutorials on ubuntu 16.04. but i need this particular tutorial for ubuntu 16.04
How To Set Up a Remote Database to Optimize Site Performance with MySQL

i know its almost same with both version of ubuntu but a complete tutorial with following versions would be great

Ubuntu 16.04
Nginx 1.10
PHP 7.0.6
Mysql >5.7

and as this tutorial is for performance, some basic performance tips for PHP, Mysql and Nginx would be highly appreciated.

1 Answer

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll pass it along to our writers. To the best of my knowledge, on the basic setup, not too much has changed. For most ubuntu packages you can go from php5 to php7 by changing "5" in any package names to "7.0".

If you're at all interested, we pay writers who are interested in updating tutorials or writing their own.

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