need to confirm deacitivated account

April 10, 2018 950 views

I deactivated my account yesterday but I didn't receive any email about the deactivated. Does it mean OK or not?

My ticket is #1454014. I don't want to see any billing after this action.

I want to confirm this. Could you help me to check this thing? thanks!

cc @jtittle @dwilkin @ryanpq

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sice09 April 10, 2018
Accepted Answer

The problem has been solved. But I still want to say that the notification is very necessary.

Thanks community and support team.

Just delete all your droplets and snapshots and there's nothing to be billed.

  • I have deleted all the droplets. After this, I deactivated the account. But I didn't get any information about this deactivate action. So I want to confirm...

    Thanks for your reply! But I still need the support team to confirm this.

    • Then why are you asking the community?

      • I didn't know there is no notification when you deactivate account...So I post this here...

      • I also want the support team knows this unfriendly behaviour and can help me to handle the ticket in short time....

  • I think there needs enhancement about notification when user remove the droplets or deactivate account.

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