Need to find web hosting solution for easy setup for a Fuel CMS site, so needs to have full .htaccess. Anyone suggest best option please?

November 6, 2017 1k views

I've already set the website up correctly I think on another web server, but don't think we have full .htaccess so it's not working.

1 Answer

Hey! I have dealt with dozens of hosting plans and suffered from different tricky problems! I know the value of the good hosting plan as I spent so much time to find an affordable one. You can familiarize with affordable offers in the reviews of best hosting companies. I was taught by bad experience that it's sooo important to check out reviews of professional companies or at least comments from the real clients. Every company spends hundreds dollars on the advertising but in most cases it's so far from the reality. Therefore, if you truly need a qualitative hosting, check out the reviews :)

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