need to host api server (nodejs, Express , mongodb) with nginx reverse proxy. Do you charge per docker container if this needs 2?

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Docker MongoDB Node.js Nginx Kubernetes Ubuntu 18.04

Locally I’ve implemented this and as it has pulled docker image for mongodb and attached to main image, eventually it ends up creating 2 containers (I’m assuming a container is a droplet).

Should I create a customesed image in order to have only one image and thus creating one container on one droplet?

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A container is not the same as a droplet. A droplet would be considered a Virtual Private Server of which you would install the necessary applications you need to run your application(s). This would include the docker engine, git, NGINX, etc…

Once your droplet is configured to run containers you can host as many as you like within it with the only restriction being the resources allocated to that droplet.

Thanks. I should have spent little time on this before asking this question🙂

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