Need to know server capacity is auto upgrade if user sudden increase ?

September 6, 2017 987 views
Server Optimization Ubuntu 16.04

need to know server capacity for social network , suppose i have choose a normal plan of 80$ per month I would like to create social network i dont know what will be number of user after launching it may increase any time if we got good response so which plan is suitable for a social network with minimum budget.if we will choose a plan and sudden increase in user is it auto up gradable.

1 Answer

It won’t auto upgrade and I wouldn’t suggest it either.
Two things you can do
Upgrade it yourself when you feel its needed
Create a script that uses API to upgrade server when some threshold is met.

To be honest, I’d rather setup 4 $20 servers and then setup a load balancer but all is to their own needs I guess.

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