Need to open some ports to install Sentora system

Posted August 26, 2014 11.1k views

Well, Sentora documentation is asking me to open this following ports:

20 & 21 : FTP
25 (TCP) : SMTP
53 (TCP & UDP) : DNS
80 (TCP & UDP) : HTTP
110 : POP3
143 : IMAP

If you have already setup (or will setup soon) SSL, you have to open also:

443 : HTTPS
3306: MySQL"

Yes, I want to use SSL.
But I have no idea how to open a port in DO.
Is that made on DNS or in the target Droplet?

  • All ports are open by default on droplets. But it’s better if you firewall MySQL.

    If you seek more help you should ask in sentora forums. I’m Me.B there.

    M B

  • Me.B I’m zustudios on sentora forum. If I get premium support on sentora forum will you all install sentora for me and can you all add and test all modules? As in “sentora to the max” so I can save a master snapshot.Can I change the install Ip address and panel subdomain?

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Which linux distro are you using?

On ubuntu you’d use the UFW command

You’d want to enable the rules you’d like and then enable the firewall. If this is just playing around then you may not need to enable the firewall. If it is production (even for personal use) then I’d enable the firewall and following best practices.

Have a look here:

If it is not ubuntu, you can install it on debian with

apt-get install ufw

I’m not sure about centos/RHEL. There might be UFW, otherwise you’d need to use iptables directly.

Like jntslvdrt said, I think the default state is open ports, so firewall turned off. Certainly when I’ve set up any servers for playing about, I’ve never had to write any firewall rules.

Ports are open by default.

Unless you installed some sort of firewall every port on your system is wide open.

Ufw is simple firewall to setup.

by Shaun Lewis
Learn how to setup a firewall with UFW on an Ubuntu / Debian cloud server.
  • I think IP tables is part of the kernel so its not that there isn’t a firewall installed, it just doesn’t have any rules by default. UFW is just a nice front end to IP Tables.

    I might be wrong but I think when you install UFW and enable it, it creates a rule for IPTables that rejects all packets by default and allows you to add allow rules.

Well replied fellas, thank you for your support.
I’m on Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS by now. I’ll play arround with UFW, once you guys telling me it’s so great.

Many many thanks. <3

Look at this tutorial here :

Depending on which operating system you the information will very.

As you are using Ubuntu just follow that tutorial.

Also visit and you will get the commands to unblock the ports at their tutorial.

sentora is a great panel but with many security holes. If you are concerned about it you can use sentora-paranoid security script: