need to sent mail from server very slowly .

March 16, 2017 82 views
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I have installed postfix server in ubuntu , thats is working fine , but i need to sent mail from server very slowly ,

Because some time we will sent bulk mails , so all mails send together so receiver will consider as a spam,
So i need to send mail very slowly , one minute maximum sent 33 mails , same time all mails should be in queue .

Can you advice me how to do that

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Try adding this to your

smtp_destination_concurrency_limit = 1
smtp_destination_rate_delay = 3s
  • Thanks for reply ,
    but this value will allow only 1 connection at a time right , see if i sent bulk mail continuously the server will reject reaming all mails right .but it should comes in queue , from queue need to sent slowly.


If you happen to be sending e-mail through an application, most have built-in functionality that allows you to break up bulk e-mail and only send every X seconds or Y minutes, or should. I know way back in 2005, forum software (vBulletin) was using something similar, so modern applications should have something similar to prevent all e-mail being sent at the same time.

You can modify Postfix configuration as well, as noted by @hansen , though I would also look to your application to see if there are configurable options there as well.

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