Need to set Apache homepage, but a linux n00b

June 8, 2015 2.7k views
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Hello, i was wondering how to configure the homepage in Apache web server...
i followed but his is different.
If i got to index.html it's blank.
How can i fix this? Thanks!

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Welcome to DigitalOcean.

To upload files to your files you can use FileZilla :
```Host: sftp://Your_IP
User: root
Password: You know it.

At the moment I am not home,but I would create a Tutorial how to install Apache right. If it is OK for you to wait :-).

Until that you can do this :

sudo apt-get purge apache2
sudo apt-get autoremove
sudo rm -r /etc/apache2
sudo rm -r /etc/php5 (if you installed it)
sudo apt-get install apache2

Yeah, i got it! :D But, thanks!

  • @JamesFitz no problem. Do you mean file transfer, Apache or even both :-).
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    PPS: If you needed further assistance, just ask, I am here to help

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