Need to understand the Rate Limit.

September 14, 2017 922 views
API Ubuntu 16.04

We have an Android App with around 1000 users base. Each user makes around 6000 requests to server in a day. This makes it to be around 60K requests per day.

Does the Rate Limit on API be considered here?

Would each POST Request be considered as one API call and deduct it from the overall Rate Limit?

Please suggest us which plan would best suit us considering the following:

  1. 60K - 100K POST/GET requests per day
  2. One TB Storage on MongoDB

Thanks for reading.

2 Answers

Why no one replies?? Is this the kind of services you would get post activation? I am scared.

The DigitalOcean API rate limit (5000 per hour) applies to the requests made against the DigitalOcean API (like launching droplet, setting firewall etc), not to your service which runs inside of a droplet.

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