Netword connectivity lost after power off. Help needed

October 17, 2019 139 views
Networking Ubuntu 16.04

Here’s my problem:

After doing an update on the server through Putty using “apt-get update” I tried to reboot from Putty without success. I went to Digital Oceans control panel and did a Power Off followed by a Power On using the button. The Power On did not produce any errors. After this I did not have any connectivity neither from website Putty og SFTP.
I tried to Power Off and On several times without any luck, so I decided to restore the site from backup.

In the Backups tap, I selected the latest backup, then Restore droplet and waited for the magic to work. Still no luck. Same problem again. I know the server was fully functional at the time the backup was created. This is telling me, that it is properly a connectivity issue, or the backups made by Digital Ocean is not working properly (which is freaking me out). Either option is within Digital Oceans responsibility, I think.

Next step is creating a ticket [#03010237]. I quickly received a standard letter asking me a lot of first line support questions. I answered them all. After waiting several hours, I got another standard letter suggesting me to try a recover. After Power Off I selected the Recover tab, Boot from Recovery ISO, Power On and then opened the console. First the console reported an error, but after several attempts I got in, and selected the Check Filesystem option. The only error reported was this:

cloudimg-rootfs: 578656/6451200 files (0.1% non-contiguous), 2689713/13078779 blocks

What does that mean? Is this the reason why the droplet is not responding? If it is, how do I fix this?

Please help. It is very urgent.

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Hey there @peterkorgaard

I completely understand your issue, I have had these kind of issues before as well and when it is running critical systems it’s a massive pain....

cloudimg-rootfs: 578656/6451200 files (0.1% non-contiguous), 2689713/13078779 blocks

This doesn’t specifically mean your system is corrupted. If this is the only thing you get, and no other errors it should be fine. Non-contiguous files/inodes are files that are physically split up on your hard disk. This happens over time.

However, I wasn’t sure from reading the above. Are you still able to connect threw the web console inside the control panel? Or no access to something whatsoever?

If you like a fast POC, you can add me on skype and maybe we can figure this out: cryptic-designs


No response from support the last 21 hours on a serious issue, we are now looking for an alternative hosting. A check on Trustpilot we realized that this is just normal practice.

  • I understand, this has changed a lot the last couple of years since they’ve grown alot.
    If you would like me to help you professionally, with anything, feel free to contact me.

    • Thanks for this, but we I have now migrated our site to another webhotel. It was quicker than waiting for support and the issue was business-critical.

      Support thinks a failure in there implementation of the backup and restore system (available at the dashbord) is not there responsibility. So moving is absolutly the correct decision. And to underscore supports incompetence, I was suggested to do a restore of our site.

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