Network disconnected after VestaCP exploit

April 12, 2018 792 views
DigitalOcean CentOS

So after the exploit in VestaCP network in my droplet has been disconnected and since then I cannot download any my backup from server so that I can rebuild droplet. I have written to support a few days ago and still haven’t received any response

2 Answers

Hi! I tried to look into this for you but did not find the ticket you mentioned. I did find another ticket from April 8 which looks like it’s related to this. Our team is awaiting your response to that ticket (#1445406)

  • Do I respond to the ticket simply with an email?

    • Yes. You can respond to the ticket by replying to the email notification or in the “Support” section of the control panel where all your tickets are listed.

      • So previously I have replied to the notifications (actually I have replied twice) and as you say you haven’t received any response. Also I am not able to log into the “Support” section. I get Login Error: We were unable to log you into the support portal

        P.S. Also url says

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