Network interface speed?

May 15, 2013 12.6k views
Hi, A few questions about the network: - What is the network interface speed for a given droplet? - In the FAQ you say: "What kind of Network does DigitalOcean run on? All DigitalOcean physical nodes are connected via gigabit ethernet to switches, which are uplinked to our aggregators and core routers. All core routers are uplinked via 10-gigE uplinks to providers." Does that mean that all droplets on a given VM host share 1Gbps? Or do you have bigger/pooled network connections for your VM hosts? - Is there any way to tune the network speed of a given droplet? I'd like to set up a standard Load Balancer -> N app servers setup. The Load Balancer will need more bandwidth that the app servers, since it will be proxying all the connections. I've seen elsewhere that bandwidth is pooled for the account (awesome), but that doesn't help if my LB doesn't have the pipe to handle the requests. Thanks, Andy
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So you guys aren't doing any bonding or using bigger NICs like the 10Gbps cards?

So far, I'm a big fan of what you're offering, but it would be nice to have more network bandwidth available. I would potentially pay a premium to be able to carve out some guaranteed amount of bandwidth, preferably configurable.
All dorplets come with a shared 1Gbit/s port. You can use the public IP to connect from the load balancer to the app servers.
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