New Droplet from Snapshot of Working Droplet Won't Open On Web

August 12, 2018 2.1k views
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I Created a new droplet from a working droplet i have but the new one is not accessible on the web even with the ip Address. I figure it’s a problem to do with ip and hostname configuration that came from the snapshot but how do i fix this and get it work.

When i try to open it on the web with the ip address i get error saying it took too long to respond.

Please help

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  • No one can answer your problem if you don’t provide basic information about your server. What CMS you’re running? What http server? etc..

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Hello friend!

I am thinking along the same lines that you are, that perhaps the old IP is hard coded into a configuration file. You might check the web server configuration and look for any references to the old IP. If you change those references instead to “” then the configuration will work if your IP changes for any reason like this.

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