New server getting random 404 errors!

July 11, 2014 4.1k views

Ok guys,
I have unbuntu 14.04 and LEMP installed
I’ve been running the server for about a day and a half and many of my customers are complaining of 404 errors at random. The pages load for some people but not for others! (The files do EXIST!!) I don’t know what’s happening. The error log was 1.2 GB so I know something is happening, but I couldn’t read it because it was so large. so i deleted it and I’m going to look at it in a few hours. Hoping that helps or i can get a good answer from yall!! all the files are PHP files. I just had all these files on another server a few days ago and didn’t experience any problems!

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  • What are the last few lines of nginx’s error log?

    sudo tail -40 /var/log/nginx/error.log
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On what package does your server runs and how many visotors do you have? Maybe if you increase the PHP memory the problem will be solved.

I set error logging to critical errors only (so right now the log is empty), as i think it was a major problem! some pages were loading 120+ useless errors per page. I fixed a bunch of them, but there still is quite a few more. I also doubled the memory limit, it seems to be running fine at the moment. I’ll monitor it for the next few hours!

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