New to VPS - Simple question

June 25, 2013 3.1k views
I create Wordrpess sites and am with Bluehost. I normally dev my sites on my local machine and then move them to a subdomain where my clients can test and then we make changes. I find this to be very slow and sometimes painful with bluehost (frequently DOS attacks and just plain slow response). Is it feasible for me to create a small "droplet" (512, 1Core) server to do this same dev and testing on and expect the performance to be decent? I need wordpress, and maybe 5 plugins running. Any thoughts?
2 Answers
It should be perfectly decent performance, I've used a micro Amazon Web Services instance for wordpress before, and Digital Ocean's droplets have more memory. I'd recommend going with Nginx rather than Apache on your server to save some memory though.
You can install Tuxlite (Tuxlite.Com) for easy webserver installation. With Tuxlite you can install Apache/Nginx and MySQL/MariaDB with easy...
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