Newbie please help me understand what to buy

April 2, 2014 987 views
hello, I have a magento store that is as slow as mollasses in january - a developer has told me to use a VPS not shared hosting. he has said what he wants me to have ideally for him to make my site faster but i do not know if i am buying the correct plan here; which do i select? he wants something like this; 8 Gigs The VPS Setup 4 Gigs for any others service like migrations and fixes and likes Debian 7 64 Please can someone tell me which of the plans on this site do i buy ? please im lost with not seeing the words vps just a droplet
2 Answers
First, droplet = VPS here.

You can see here all the available plans: — a droplet with 8 GB RAM is $80/month. You can choose Debian on the initial setup.
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