Newly set up droplets with loadbalancer returning 503

April 26, 2019 555 views
DigitalOcean Let's Encrypt Load Balancing Ubuntu 16.04


I have just set up two fresh droplets with a loadbalancer in front of them. The droplets have web apps running on port 4000. The loadbalancer is setup to receive on port 80 (http) & 443 (https) and forward to port 4000 (http). Everything works find when using http. However, I get a long delay and then a 503 error when trying to hit the https url.

Note, I used the Letsencrypt option on Digitalocean and I have the subdomain url pointing towards the loadbalancer IP (also, an A record was auto added to DNS for the root domain but I removed it because I only want the subdomain to use the letsencrypt cert).

The full error I’m getting is:

503 Service Unavailable
No server is available to handle this request.

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1 Answer

Seems to be working now. Not sure why - I didn’t change anything.

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