Nginx 504 Gateway Time-out - Ruby on Rails

August 12, 2014 5.6k views

I have followed all the instruction to install a droplet with Ruby on Rails. I've removed the folder (/home/rails) created by system and created a new one. These are the tutorials that I followed:

[](http:// "Link title")

[](http:// "Link title")

Even after setup all Ruby on Rails app, it still getting Nginx 504 Gateway Time-out error.

Is there another step to follow?

  • Hi! Could you provide us with anymore information about your problem? Try checking your logs.

    Unicorn: tail /home/unicorn/log/unicorn.log

    Nginx: tail /var/log/nginx/error.log

  • If you can paste us your error logs and your nginx config file that would be very helpful.

    Also we have a one-click install image available under the Applications tab on the create droplet page so you can spin up a server there and review the configuration on a live running system and compare it to yours.

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