Nginx error on vestacp installation

December 12, 2014 4.6k views


I am trying to install vestacp on Ubuntu 14.04 Droplet with previous nginx installed, when i try following command…


It gives following error…

Following packages are already installed:

It is highly recommended to remove them before proceeding.
If you want to force installation run this script with -f option:
Example: bash --force

While i have already removed nginx using following…

sudo apt-get remove nginx

sudo apt-get purge nginx

sudo apt-get autoremove

Please help me to resolve this issue. thanks

  • If you are confident you have removed nginx and all it’s configuration files you can either use the -f flag mentioned by the installer or rebuild your droplet from the control panel using a stock OS image. With any web hosting control panel it is always recommended to start from a completely clean server rather than trying to clean it or remove packages.

  • Thanks for your reply. Which Control Panel do you suggest - Vesta CP or Webmin? Easier to use and powerful in features.

2 Answers

Just like @ryanpq mentioned is better to start with a clean server. Destroy that droplet create a new one with ubuntu image only and then run the vesta cpanel script. Vesta will install all the necessary software including nginx.

if you need a control panel that will nicely fit into your current install, use webmin with nginx module , it even has a very beautiful theme now -

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