Nginx or Vesta CP for wordpress on Ubuntu?

April 11, 2015 3.3k views
Nginx WordPress

I’m moving all my sites from another hosting to digital ocean. I have configured a LEMP server and have 1 WP site already running, making everything by ssh.

I’ve heard about vestaCP which works with ngninx as a reverse proxy and apache, and I’m giving it a try.

Which is the best for my purposes? I will just have WP and simple HTML sites.

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I moved from similar type of condition (from cPanel based shared hosting), at first I tried DirectAdmin (paid) but since all the websites were personal, non profit, hence later while testing I found zPanel is the easiest and very close to cPanel or DirectAdmin as UI wise hence chose to go with it..

I have tried VistaCP but didn’t quite like it as being a cPanel user previously !!

Note :- ZPanel team has moved to new project, zPanel upgrade you may call it,

I had the same doubt, migrated some sites to Vesta and do not regret it, it seems simple and functional! Before I used the webmin, but never liked him.
The best you can do is test the options and see which you prefer. Good luck.

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