nginx proxy protocol how to setup this with elb in front of it.

February 2, 2017 1.1k views
Nginx CentOS

need your help on nginx proxy protocol as i am not getting visitor client ip. instead getting elb's ip In nginx logs ec2 server(nginx) ->aws elb proxy_protocol is enabled on elb. when setting same parameter in nginx.conf file it stop listening on 80 and 443 and website not accessible at all. kindly help.

i am not able to get visitor client ip on my website which runs on ec2 instance nginx web server.

when i configure proxy_protocol it dont listen on 80 and 443 and when i remove it it starts listening again and always gives private ip's generated from aws elb.

kindly help.


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We'd need to see your configuration before we can see where the issue is. If you'd kindly post the server block(s) in question, we can take a closer look at them and see where the issue is.

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