I’m needing to redirect all example.com/blog blog posts to example.com/blog/news, eg: example.com/blog/blog-post-name to example.com/blog/news/blog-post-name, and have been trying to do this with nginx rewrite rules.

I’m not trying to redirect a specific URL, I’m trying to match all URLs at example.com/blog/{blog-slug-name-here} and redirect to example.com/blog/news/{blog-slug-name-here}. However a normal nginx rewrite would keep redirecting so you end up going example.com/blog/news/news/news/etc etc....

Hopefully this makes sense, I’d appreciate any help as I can’t seem to find this scenario on any of the online forums?

Many thanks!

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Hello all

Just for everyone’s interest, I finally managed to get this working with:

rewrite ^/en/blog/(?!$)(?!news)(.*) /en/blog/news/$1 permanent;

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