NGINX restart suddenly gives me : stop / waiting, start / running , process 1920

June 23, 2016 3.1k views

Well, this is odd ... everything was working fine just a week ago and now I tried a : sudo service nginx restart .. and I get this :

nginx stop/waiting
nginx start/running, process 1920

I have changed nothing since the last time.

Anyone know what this means and why it's happening ? I am using NGINX 1.10.1 / Ubuntu 14.04 ... it was working normally with restart / reload etc. before, and now not...

1 Answer

The output you have shared indicates that you requested a restart from the nginx service and it performed a successful restart. There is nothing here that indicates a problem.

Are there other symptoms to the problem you are seeing?

  • Thanks for your reply .. yes, you are right ... I was working in 2 different putty windows and got things mixed up ... seems like a previous version of nginx will give an 'OK' when restarted, while version 1.10, which I updated to gives me the above message when I restart ;)

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