Nginx Rewrite error for Yoast

May 10, 2014 3.5k views
I am getting this error for yoast sitemap. As you're on NGINX, you'll need the following rewrites: rewrite ^/sitemap_index\.xml$ /index.php?sitemap=1 last; rewrite ^/([^/]+?)-sitemap([0-9]+)?\.xml$ /index.php?sitemap=$1&sitemap_n=$2 last; I added the code to sudo nano /etc/nginx/sites-available/default But still the problem persists. Please help
4 Answers
Hey, did you try restarting nginx after making these changes?
Ya..I restarted Nginx but the problem is still there
Are you using any caching plugins like w3tc?

Also, are you sure default.conf is the correct file for your site?

I just ran into this. I don’t think this is really an “error”. I put the rewrites in my config, reloaded Nginx, and the message is still showing. I don’t think Yoast checks if the rewrites are there, it’s just warning you to put them in if you’re on Nginx.

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