NGINX rewrite port 8080

July 30, 2013 7.5k views
I'm trying to run an instance of news.arc (that's the HackerNews board), but I can't quite decode if I'm supposed to use a rewrite rule, a redirect, a proxy_pass, an upstream, or some sort of magical mystical incantation. I'm pretty sure that SETT is being reverse proxied through Nginx the same way, and I'd appreciate any help offered. Here's where it's currently running: But I'd like it to be at Here's the text from my sites-available/www file. What's the right config? upstream news { server weight=5; server max_fails=3 fail_timeout=30s; } server { listen; server_name; location / { proxy_pass;} } location /news/ { rewrite /news/ (.*) /$1 break; rewrite ^/news$ /news/ permanent; proxy_pass http://localhost:8080/; proxy_redirect / /news/; }
1 Answer
Is everything running locally? Are you trying to have two applications on one domain? I'm not sure how you have everything set up as it's a bit unclear.
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