Nginx still showing on homepage, even after droplet rebuild

September 7, 2018 324 views
Nginx CentOS

So this is weird. I have been playing around with Docker on a Centos7 droplet, I also installed Nginx locally to use as reverse proxy. I later decided to remove it which I did with yum remove. However there still seemed to be folders in places like /usr/share which I had to remove.

Even after removing all folders I was aware of I was still getting the welcome to nginx on the homepage. I checked it wasn't running or even installed with systemctl and there are no process running as it or files open. I did searches and deleted just about every folder and file I could find related to nginx, still there. I should add that the docker containers I was running were not nginx but I stopped them all and stopped docker globally just in case. Nginx still there on the homepage. (Nothing in /var/www btw and www doesn't even exist)

So, I did a rebuild of the droplet which should delete all data, started installing everting like Docker again and then I see the Nginx homepage again!

All I have re-installed is docker and docker-compose, I have only started two containers, Wordpress latest (which uses apache) and Mysql latest, thats it.

How am I still seeing this nginx message?

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