NGINX Web Interface for adding clients, websites, emails etc.

November 30, 2015 11.7k views

Hey guys,

is there any good web Interface which you can recommend for adding clients, websites, emails and the most important thing which supports a "real" nginx server ( no proxy )?

The only Interface i know is ISPConfig3 - But are there any other solutions out there?

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  • My only comment is are you sure you want to increase your attack surface with an admin panel?

    I ran the demo, but I'm doubtful about the email management. There are so many ways to set up postfix and dovecot. I just don't see there being a universal solution.

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I'd take a look at It's about the only one that I can think of right off that provides full support and seems to in active development.

I'm working on a similar project of my own (in PHP), though it's not ready for active deployment just yet.

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