No Arch Linux, so I chose Ubuntu 14.04 x64. try to use packman -Sy, but fails

Posted August 24, 2014 9k views

Hopefully someone out there may have some knowledge to share regarding this issue I am having, setting up things for my first digital ocean droplet.

A tutorial I was following to use my droplet with noobhub, required me to type ‘packman -Sy’ at the prompt, and when I did the response was : no display possible

Is this because I needed to do Arch Linux(which was not available) instead of the Ubuntu 14.04 x64 she I set up my account on Digital Ocean???

I am trying to set up my droplet to work with noobhub. Can I/should I change from Ubuntu to something else? If I can/should, how do I do that?


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packman is an Arch Linux specific tool for package management. In Ubuntu, packages can be installed using the apt-get command. What packages do you need to install? What is the tutorial you were following? Most likely, you can accomplish the same thing on Ubuntu.

packman -Sy updates your sources on Arch. On Ubuntu, you’d run apt-get update

Presumably the tutorial you’re following will ask you to install something with pacman -S packagename The equivalent on Ubuntu is:

apt-get install packagename


Thanks for your help!

trying to setup/add noon hub ( a open source multiplayer api) on my droplet

tutotrial: ( is excellent and a simple tutorial - ‘simple’ if using Arch Linux)

so I tried this :

apt-get -Sy (instead of the 'pacman -Sy’)
response : Command line option ’S’ [from -Sy] is not known.

These are the next 4 commands he advises to type in at the cmd line :

packman -S nodejs git
cd /home
git clone
forever start –spinSleepTime 10000 NoobHub/server/node.js


it is ‘noobhub’ auto correct made it noon hub, but it is 'noobhub’


Thanks to you help I was able to get the next 2 commands to successfully execute. There was 1 other command that I forgot to show (that occurs before ‘forever start" and of course that is the install of 'forever’

npm install forever -g was the command in the tutorial
of course that fails, and it seems to fail even if I try the :
apt-get install forever

any idea how i would install that? is that some package only suited to Arch Linux?