No network connection from / to droplet

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Hi, everybody

OS FreeBSD 10.1
Droplet was suspended 21th (due my vacation, was able to transfer funds 22th and powere it up) after that - no network connection.
Created ticket, contacted support - nada. “You would pay before suspension, after that point - we not guaranty anything. Go to console, show us screenshots” - did it, no answer, asked again, answer: “We don’t provide any managed servers for free, if you pay us - we will help you with your problems”. Next day - “Can you go to console and show us screenshots?”. 30 hours after payed to them - no SSH, no FTP, no HTTP, droplet’s connection still suspended completely. OS was installed from their image, without any changes.
Any suggestions?

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Why can’t you use the console to debug and resolve the issue?

  • Bro, I spend 30 hours to debug. Found Digital Ocean’s issue with symlinks (droplet.conf -> .conf instead of droplet.conf -> xxDROPLETIDxx.conf), fixed it (ls -l xxDROPLETIDxx.conf .conf), added everything to rc.conf, corrected ifconfig & netstat, nada..
    Support guessed “maybe, your virteo drivers messed up?” - added to startup, nada. No network

Digitalocean servers are unmanaged if you cannot resolve problems yourself I suggest you sign up with someone who does managed servers.

  • Yea, you right. Exactly, but I received worked droplet two years ago :) Then, installed everything I need about by myself, and used it without any issues under 2 years.

    So, for now, if I pay for a droplet after suspension I must receive not working droplet?
    Very funny :)

    • When they suspend your droplet, they are not gracefully shut down. Therefore data loss and corruption can happen, lesson is that you should pay on time.

      • Thank you, you was very helpful.
        You mean I would never pay to them after suspend? Thank you for your advise :)

        • Well suspending is one option before the last option to terminate your account.
          You should always pay on time or in advanced like digitalocean already suggest.
          Enough plently of warning would’ve been given by digitalocean automatically.
          “If you are unable to make the payment within seven days, please reply to this email so our team can understand the issue and do whatever we can to make sure your service continues uninterrupted. Note that our system will automatically terminate your servers as well as all data associated with it if we do not receive payment from you soon.”

          So even if you were on vacation, you had plenty of time to contact digitalocean in advanced to let them know you might be days late paying.

  • Do I need to pay for a new droplet - it will have network. But, if I pay for an old one - it will not have any network? Hm.. Interesting.

    • You don’t need to pay for a new droplet, money is taken from your balance to pay for running droplets. You’re not paying for old one, you’re paying your debt you owe digitalocean. Simply do as Woet said which is just to snapshot your old droplet and move it to a new droplet, it takes less than 5 minutes to do.

Ok, I understand now.
If I pay for a new droplet, without my data on it - It will work.
But, if I pay for the same droplet, with the same OS version, but with my data on it - it will never work.

  • Maybe you don’t understand, you snapshot the old droplet and when you create a new droplet you choose the snapshot you saved before. I’ll also state again that droplets are not gracefully shutdown after suspension which if you’re not lucky you end up with some data loss and possibly half a working system.

Also by using digitalocean you’re required to pay in advance, not only that you’re given more than enough notice to pay off existing debts if you’ve not filled your balance in advanced.

What do you get when you run “systemctl restart networking”

Ppl, I need to bring my network back to the droplet, or move all files from it.
Had anybody same issues, maybe?

Ok, if ppl don’t pay at time, their droplets became unworkable? Need just to know

What do you get when you run “systemctl restart networking”

What do you get when you run “systemctl restart networking”

There are a lot of non-productive comments on this thread. It’s not our place on the forums to lecture someone about their circumstances. We may never know the full reason behind the suspension, but the fact is that @volgot is a paying customer and fellow DO community member right now. By the same token, @volgot: you’re not likely to get much help if every response includes a jab at DO. Let’s have a reset here: if @volgot stops venting frustration at DO and we stick to advice/suggestions, we can focus on solving the problem. :)

I’ve never had this issue, but I also would have expected creating a new droplet from your snapshot to work. That’s probably worth retrying, but do it while your current broken droplet is running so you’re sure to get a new IP. When you tried/retry that, how are you trying to connect to the new droplet? For example, are you using a browser to access http://newip ?

Something that wasn’t clear to me from the problem description: are you having trouble with both inbound and outbound connections? You mentioned HTTP wasn’t working, but did you mean inbound HTTP requests to your web server and/or outbound HTTP requests using a tool like curl? What are you doing to test inbound/outbound connections and what are the results of each?

Past that, as was stated above, you’ll need to troubleshoot the network connection. Perform a fresh reboot before starting these steps, because you wouldn’t want commands you’ve already ran post-boot to affect the output, get a resolution, and then reboot into the same issue again.

Please paste the output of the following commands so we have some basic details to start with:

netstat -rn
netstat -an | grep -i listen

Can you perform DNS lookups and pings? Show us the output from:

ping -c 1

What’s in these files?


Is the problem resolved by shutting down your firewall? If you’re using pf, shut it down and try in/out connections again:

service pf stop

If you’re not able to resolve this issue, are you going to lose files/data? In thinking of what you could do if you’re not able to resolve it: Would it be possible to add a block storage device to the broken droplet, copy your files to it, and then connect that block storage device to a fresh droplet to get your files? I’ve never used DO’s block storage feature, so I don’t know if that would work or not.

  • Thank you, @chriswells :)

    I will post here my found solution.
    Situation is very strange, there is NO network connection (in droplet), looks like some one cut a wire. And, FreeBSD is one of the best Unix systems, it runs everywhere all the time (I didn’t restart the droplet more than a year). Mac OSX is FreeBSD, btw. Even iOS is FreeBSD too.

    So, do smth wrong with FreeBSD - can only me or DO. Not “drivers, stupid developers” or smth like that. It’s not Ubuntu or CentOS. It never fail.

    DO suggests the last that maybe it’s a “problem with drivers to virtual network adapter” - but, sorry, “drivers and virtual psi cards” is what I rent here and pay for, it’s not my problem, btw..

  • I don’t use firewall on this droplet.


    • are perfect

    netstat -rn
    netstat -an | grep -i listen

    • did

    I’m a user of FreeBSD about 17 years :)
    I never ask community, usually ppl ask me. But, in this case I don’t have any answer, still.
    Because, OS here is virtual and it use virtual DO cloud. All DO droplet.conf:s are broken in FreeBSD here (due non professional DO devs). Symlinks goes nowhere (after every reboot they remove their symlink droplet.comf -> xxDROPLE_IDxx.conf and create empty droplet.comf -> .conf) without asking You.
    Another their mistakes “to do” to find.

    • I’m not sure if you’re saying you found a solution or not. Your comment says “I will post here my found solution,” but it doesn’t state a solution.

      I posted about 8 or 9 troubleshooting questions and only saw 1 answer: no firewall. I doubt anyone will be able to offer suggestions without answers to those questions. If you’re still having trouble, please provide answers to those questions. We need to see the files and output of commands in order to know the current state of the system.

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