No nework in recovery mod

August 10, 2018 984 views
Networking Ubuntu

My ubuntu 12.04 droplet is broken after update to 14.04

So I selected Boot from Recovery ISO

I launch console and select Attempt to chroot on installed system from menu list

I need working network to download some packages and restore my droplet. But there is no working network.

When I ping -c3

ping: unknown host

What I did then is added DNS in my /etc/resolv.conf


But nothing happened and I still getting unkown host error. Maybe there is need to reload something for it to take place?

Any suggestions appreciated.

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Hello friend!

That’s not good. I can’t actually think of a reason (at least none that I can confirm) that the recovery ISO would not at least work in this case. I think it may be valuable to create a ticket with our support team so that we can track and document this issue. When logged in, this link should help you open a ticket:

Kind Regards,

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