No public IP on CoreOS ?!

March 1, 2016 2k views
Docker Getting Started

Hi, I'm trying to work with this tutorial :

But I can't access any droplet over ssh : They don't have any interface with a public IP. They have a eth0 with a 169.254.* and an eth1 with a IPv6.

Also, when I connect to a droplet from a console, I have an error at the login :

Failed Units: 1

I tried different versions of CoreOS but same problem.

1 Answer

I strongly recommend opening a ticket with our support team here or from the control panel. The support team can investigate this issue better with access to your account and provisioning data about the creation of your droplet than we could do here without it.

Any issue that prevents network connectivity or booting of your droplet should always be a support issue first as they are best equipped to help you resolve it quickly.

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