No response on ticket

May 28, 2019 129 views

Guys, I opened a ticket 15 days ago.

Your last response was 5 days ago

Why is this so slow???? Ticket #02669433

1 Answer

Hey @alexmango

We have expedited the case and you will receive a response sooner. I apologize for the inconvenience due to our delayed response.

We work on tickets based on its last activity, which means, we work on the oldest tickets first. Every inbound you make is going to make the ticket’s wait time less causing further delays as we would not get hands on the ticket until the older tickets get cleared from our queues. This is what happened here. We request you include all your information on one inbound message itself. We hope you understand and thank you very much for your co-operation. We do not want our clients to wait for a long period of time waiting for resolution, we are doing our best to reach out to everyone who has created a ticket as soon as possible.

Prakash Jha
Developer Support

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