Node.js app doesnt work when deployed, but on client it does

July 19, 2019 151 views
Node.js Ubuntu

Hi! I've deployed my first Node.js app to digitalocean. The problem is, on my Home-Pc the app runs perfectly, while the deployed version doesn't. I've followed multiple tuts and am genuinely stuck.
The stuff that doesn't work : When I authenticate with OAuth (passport) I don't get redirected back / hang on the redirect to the deployed server. Usually this would be a wrong redirect URI, but it works on my home pc without a problem. I copy & pasted and stared at everything over and over, but the only variable that should change from my home pc to the deployed server is the URI & it doesnt have any issues.

this is the github link

It doesn't make sense at all. Why would a deploy & redirect break it

1 Answer

The front end/back end model of building software is common not only in the JavaScript community, but the developer community at large.

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