node.js idler problem with FileZilla

June 22, 2015 2k views

Hello digitalocean community, this is my first post so dont expect much.
Basically im stuck with FileZilla…
So, im trying to setup node.js idler, so i can idle steam games.
And im at the point i drop my .js file into the root with FileZilla, but i can’t conclude what is the password for the root via FileZilla.
I am using SSH Key, and logging into the root worked fine with PuTTY.
This is where im stuck at.
So what do i put into the password field.
I cant obviously leave it blank like opening PuTTY, since i tried it already.

  • Hears the laughing behind the screen * Thank you for the answers already, i’ll be on whole night solving this until i manage to get all of this right.
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