nodejs, Express Cannot GET //v1 error

February 15, 2017 2.3k views
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I have an app running on node.js. It works locally on my pc but when i upload to my server with do i keep getting this annoying error message: "Cannot GET //v1/foodtruck"

Can someone please assist me to resolve this issue.

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how do you run your NodeJS Express APP? Do you use pm2 ?

  • @baharudinafif yes i use pm2

    Hee is my code. Kindly help me check

    This is my index file in the root of the directory


    import http from 'http';
    import bodyparser from 'body-parser';
    import mongoose from 'mongoose';
    import express from 'express';
    import passport from 'passport';
    const LocalStrategy = require('passport-local').Strategy

    import config from './config';
    import routes from './routes';

    let app = express();
    app.server = http.createServer(app);

    //parse appalication/jason
    limit: config.bodyLimit

    let Account = require('./model/account');
    passport.use(new LocalStrategy({
    usernameField: 'email',
    passwordField: 'password'

    //API Routes V1
    app.use('/api/v1', routes);

    console.log(Started on port ${app.server.address().port});

    export default app;
    this is my controller in my controller directory:


    import mongoose from 'mongoose';
    import { Router } from 'express';
    import FoodTruck from '../model/foodtruck';
    import Review from '../model/review'
    import Report from '../model/report'

    import { authenticate } from '../middleware/authMiddleware'

    export default({ config, db }) => {
    let api = Router();

    // '/V1/restaurant'- read
    api.get('/', (req, res) => {
    FoodTruck.find({}, (err, foodtrucks) => {
    if (err){
    This is routes in routes directory:


    import express from 'express';
    import config from '../config';
    import middleware from '../middleware';
    import initializedDb from '../db';
    import foodtruck from '../controller/foodtruck';
    import account from '../controller/account';

    let router = express();

    // Connect to Db

    initializedDb(db => {

    //Internal Middleware
    router.use(middleware({ config, db }));

    // API Routes V1 /V1
    router.use('/foodtruck', foodtruck({ config, db }));
    router.use('/account', account({ config, db }));


    export default router;

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