Non-Root user SSH login

March 26, 2019 344 views
Getting Started Ubuntu 18.04

I created a user named meteor, and want to login to my droplet using a key for user meteor. What I did was:

  1. login as root then create user meteor
  2. created /home/meteor/.ssh
  3. copied my to /home/meteor/.ssh (same key used for root user)
  4. chown meteor:meteor

I still can’t ssh into the droplet with user meteor. It gives me the following error:
meteor@...: Permission denied (publickey).

What am I missing?

3 Answers


No worries, you’re almost there. Just a small change. In /home/meteor/.ssh you need an authorized_keys file. Your public key should be pasted as one line in the authorized_keys file, and you should have the private key from the same pair on your local system. That should have you up and running :)


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