Noob here. Can't figure out my database connection

February 15, 2014 1k views
Hi, Noob here. I'm at my wit's end. I'm completely new to DigitalOcean and I've only used shared hosting in the past. I've gone through most of the tutorials on setting up the LAMP stack and I think I'm good there. I'm trying to restore my site using Akeeba backup and I am completely stuck in the database restoration portion. No matter what I enter, it gives me a 500 (Internal Server Error). I've tried using localhost/, different users, databases, I don't even know if there are error logs for this I can even check. It doesn't seem to be able to connect. *Very frustrated* Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. David
1 Answer
There is a short way to do that

install phpmyadmin if you have no idea how to deal with mysql db, so this way you can upload your backups easily.

when you are done with this process, you can remove phpmyadmin if you want to avoid any risk...
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