Not Able to connect to gmail SMTP

August 29, 2017 1.1k views

I am not able to connect to Gmail SMTP from my droplet, After searching for some time, i saw a post like, digitalocean needs to enable it after some manual verification of account, so i have raised a ticket, Ticket#553217, its been almost 2 days i have raised the ticket, and there is no response for the ticket, so please let me know, how do i contact digital ocean support team or any other alternative to use gmail SMTP. I need it on very urgent basis for my deployment.

3 Answers

They (digitalocean) block the smtp ports on new accounts and you need to contact them to get it unblocked. Other posts suggest it's just a case of contacting them to get it unblocked. But when I reached out to them they refused to unblock the ports. They said I should ask them again when my account is over 60 days old. That kind of sucks cos I have a contact form on my website that now doesn't work.

I'm not sure why they haven't got back to you. I know there was recently an issue with emails not being delivered if you reply from your inbox. Have you tried responding to the ticket through the dashboard?

Hi Shaliru.. Thanks for the reply. I got the resolution.

My account neither cant do gmail smtp mails. Already past away all 60 days of the "security policy" and nothing. My app DO NOT REQUIRE an private mail API to send 100 mails/month. HOW DO I PROCEED ?

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